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Orders subject to availability, first come, first served based on order time.

Payment by cash, credit, or debit card must be made upon pickup.

Orders can only be picked up during posted hours Wednesday through Sunday.

Orders will only be held for 24 hours before reserved items are returned to stock.

Cans Available

Long Island Dry – Ginger Mead, 4.3% abv ($13/4pk)

Is it Really Autumnal – Pumpkin & spice mix, 6.7% abv

Cherry Springer – Cherry Vanilla, 5.9% abv ($15/4pk)

Keepin It Lindy 2 – Blueberry Ginger, 5.0% abv ($15/4pk)


Don’t Call me Honey, Man – Lemon Tea Honey Kolsh, 6.0% abv
(Collab with Dubco, $16/4pk)

Bottles Available

Orange Ya Glad – Orange Blossom Traditional, barrel aged, 12.0 % abv

$239 Worth of Puddin’ – Meadowfoam Blossom Honey, 11.0% abv

RYE $239 Worth of Puddin’Rye Barrel Meadowfoam Blossom Honey,        11.0% abv

Cranberry Sauced – Cranberry, 12.5% abv

Number 18 – Strawberry and vanilla bean, 12.0% abv

Three’s Company – Blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, 13.5% abv

Dammerung – Red currant, 12.0% abv

I am Not Left Handed – Raspberry and peach with lemon zest, 10.0% abv

Oldest Fashion – Cherry with Orange zest, 13.0% abv

12/18 – Black currant, blueberry, blackberry, 12.7% abv

Beauregarde Blue Ginger – Blueberry and ginger, 13.0% abv

New to pickup: Frozen Mead Drinks! $8 or add your favorite spirits floater for $2 more!
This weeks flavor: Check our social media!

Available Floaters: LIV Vodka, Gin, and flavored sorbett!