6.8% ABV - Strawberry and Raspberry

The first draft mead we made! It was originally made to honor the West Islip Fire Department Rescue Squad’s 30th anniversary. Awarded the Gold Medal at the LIBME Mead Festival in 2017

What a Melon

5.7% ABV


Keepin' it Lindy #2

6.0% ABV

This is a draft mead flavored with blueberries and ginger. Made with our friends at Restoration Kitchen, its a play on their Blueberry Mule cocktail.


4.8% ABV

Mead with lemon drop tea and zest

The Holy Blackberry

5.9% ABV

Blackberry - Collaboration with the Holy Black

SOS Your Friend's Mango Name

5.1% ABV

Science of Stealing - Mango


14.8% ABV - Black Currant Berries

Mitternacht in German means midnight which represents the color of this mead.

Three's Company

14% ABV - Blueberry, Blackberry, Raspberry

Reboog Vitis

13.5% ABV

Collab with Garagiste Meadery - Grape Mead with Peanut flavor

One Year Later

15.5% ABV

Raspberry & Strawberry - The big brother of ResQ


12-14% ABV - Strawberry & Vanilla

Baseball and #18 are two things that are near and dear to our hearts. Enjoy this mead chilled.


14.2% ABV

Red Currant with a blend of honey

Lone Star

15.5% ABV

Raspberry Honey with whole raspberries

Anybody want a Peanut

13.5% ABV

Grape Mead with Peanut Flavor

Orange Ya Glad

12.1% ABV - Traditional Mead with Orange Blossom Honey


12.5% ABV

A traditional mead made from Brazilion Pink Pepper blossom honey. Aged in LI Spirits whiskey barrel this mead presents with Caramel and vanilla with hints of oak. A little pepper heat on the backend makes this a very nice winter drink.

Nite Ryder

13.5% ABV

Black currant & Blackberry


14.3% ABV


Apple of my Eye

Apple mead with spices and graham crackers.

Bobby Bochet

Caramelized honey, maple syrup, brown sugar, pecans. Collaboration with Slate Point Meadery

7.0% ABV

Grape Drink

6% ABV

Grape flavored mead made with Concord Grapes.

Oldest Fashion

ABV 16.5% - Reminds us of an Old Fashion cocktail

A Cherry mead we aged in a rye whiskey barrel with orange zest.

Pom Selleck

6.0% abv Honey and Pomegranates combined to make this awesome, easy drinking mead.

Cherry Springer

5.6% ABV

Cherry Vanilla

Cool as a Cucumber

10% ABV - Cucumber Lime

A cucumber lime mead inspired by a margarita hot summer day. It has a strong cucumber nose and sweetened taste from the limes.

Black and Blue Pit o' Misery

7% ABV - Blackberries, Blueberries, and Lactose

Cherry Pit o' Misery

6.8% ABV - Sweet and Tart Cherries and Lactose

Inspired by “milkshake” style beers, this milkshake style mead has deep red color semi-sweet taste. One of the first kegs to kick at the 2018 Bluepoint Cask Festival.

Is It Autumnal?

12% ABV

A pumpkin spiced mead. Limited to just 60 bottles this one won't last lo...

Keepin' it Lindy #3

6.5% ABV

Dry Hopped IPM - Collab with 27A Brewing


6.4% ABV - Pineapple, Vanilla, and Coconut

This mead was the result of a collaboration with our good friends at Haymaker Meadery.

Peach Pit o' Misery

ABV 6.3% - Peaches and Lactose

I Cran So Far Away

5.0% ABV

Draft mead made with orange blossom honey and cranberries.

All a Tangerine Dream

5.2% abv Made with Orange Blossom honey and Tangerine and a dose of lactose make this a perfect drink at Sunday Brunch or any time.

Beauregarde Blue

14.5% ABV - Made with Blueberries

Mead with blueberry honey and blueberries! The deep violet color enhances your experience.

Clover Mead Badd

11.8% ABV

Traditional mead made with clover honey.

Keepin' it Lindy #1

5.7% ABV - Columbus and Azzacca Dry Hoppped with Citra and Simcoe

It's an IPM - "India Pale Mead" - similar to an IPA. Made in Collaboration with 27a Brewing.

Mini Nacht

6% ABV

Just like its big brother Mitternacht, Mini Nacht is a black currant mea...

Pineapple w/ Jalapeno

5.9% ABV

ResQ Rhubarb

6.8& ABV